A Journey Of Quini

Quini was the person who suggested they call his wife in the home -- and the person who gave them the number.  Whenever a proposal was made, they panicked and feared a bluff and changed their minds constantly over who must deliver the ransom, finally settling to the Barcelona captain Alexanko.   They didn't have the telephone number of their club, their president, any directors or gamers. Which did not go to plan?  Followed by police motorcyclists, Alexanko was delivered on a lengthy and ultimately pointless journey from Barcelona to Girona and towards the French border, where the travel was aborted when it dawned on Spanish authorities they hadn't contemplated being forced from the country and hadn't cleared anything with their French counterparts.

The kidnappers made the occasional threat, although one of these promised Quini that nothing could occur to him, adding: "I am a Barcelona fan."   They were children, amateurs, and they were fearful, but that didn't diminish the anxiety and the effect on Barcelona was enormous. Bernd Schuster had refused to play the first game following the kidnapping, against Atlético Madrid, stating: "Along with legs, I have a heart."  Barcelona's directors lied to Schuster, telling him they'd had good news on Quini to attempt to encourage him to play, however, demoralized, they lost 1-0.  They dropped three of the following four, drawing after.  "For 25 days we did not win a match," remembered Quini's team-mate Charly Rexach.  "It was not possible to concentrate on soccer.  The league slipped from our hands."  situs judi bola

Finally, the police were tipped off about the van away from the Zaragoza lock-up where he was being held.   When one policeman kicked off the metal shutter, his foot went straight through it, getting trapped.   Guns pointed at his face, he gestured silently in the ground.  The trap door was opened, a policeman wriggled through in the small, damp space beneath.  Quini, unshaven, dirty and gray, had heard the noise and was hiding under his mattress, vibration.    "Quini, I am a policeman.  I am here to rescue you."

Barcelona had a match four days later.  "I wish to play Sunday," Quini told them, but he wasn't permitted; in his absence, they lost 3-0 to Real Madrid.  He scored twice in the Copa del Rey final against his former team Sporting.  He had a kickabout with the authorities after he attended one of the games on Montjuïc.  The kidnappers were sentenced to a decade in prison and ordered to pay him 5m pesetas.   "It was not that embarrassing if you knew how to move into the ideal place," he said.  "One day they brought me down a copy of Marca so I could see the soccer results and at the end, they gave me a tv and everything.  Along with a chess set.  I played on my own, but I enjoy playing on my own.
"My kidnappers are great individuals who did me no harm; I forgive them," Quini said, which said it all.
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